Sunday, May 9, 2010

An Inspirational Story

I don't usually watch these amazing videos that the church puts out, but this morning, while prepare (procrastinating) my young woman's lesson, I did. This is an amazing story of strength and the beauty within that any woman feeling down on herself should watch. I absolutely loved this video.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I thought it was about time to write about whats been going on with us lately...

Monday, I start a new job! I've been kinda looking for a new job for a while. Where I've been working... the working environment just wasn't what i wanted. No one felt appreciated for all of the hard work they put in, not to mention almost everyone put in overtime to do what they needed to get done, and they were not paid. It was just a very frustrating place to work. Thursday was my last day and I cried so hard. I didn't really want to leave, the people were amazing and I loved what I was doing (when I had work that is) but there is only so long you can rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic. Another bigger, better, and safer ship pulled up and I had to hop on.

So now I'm going to be working with my friend Lexi! Her husband (Sam) was roommates with my husband (Dave) before we met/married them. We started hanging out and luckily we all get along!! Me and Sam really hit it off with our stories that no one else is excited about but us and our musicality, and Lexi and Dave like the same dumb sci-fi movies from the early 90's (Krull, The Dark Crystal, Xena.... ) so we get along great!

And of course I couldn't be more happy that she got me a job!! At my (now) old office, there were (at max) 120 people working there, and Not ONE of them were LDS... I'm sorta used to it, I mean my high school was like 3000 kids and there were 15 of us... total. But having someone else there would've been nice. Now I have Lexi!

In my new job I'm going to be scanning documents into their computer system, just making sure everything is signed in the right places and stuff like that. The pay is less than my previous job, but they have FREE (yep you read that right) benefits for BOTH of us!!

Now if you're crazy and you don't think that is amazing, let me explain. My husband is like the injury magnet. He has been amazing and been practically wrapping himself in bubble wrap since he hasn't had health insurance but he has some injuries that need to be taken care of, plus an itchy back that kinda keeps him from doing much. So we are beyond thrilled!

Dave is about to start summer semester which I'm excited about. Just brings us closer and closer to him having a degree! He's still leaning towards using the Air Force to go into the medical field and his brother has also gotten him interested in after 10 years going into the Foreign Service... I don't really care, I'll go anywhere as long as he has a stable job. :)

Oh! I recently got my hair cut! Dave has kinda been asking me for a while to get it cut short, and Lexi had this great guy she knew that came with rave reviews (really knew what he was doing). And before, I've always just gone with something cheap, but recently, the lesson of "You Get What You Pay For" has really sunk in. So I went for it. And the cut wasn't nearly as expensive as I expected it to be. $35 (and that was WITH a $10 tip - she spent an hour and a half on my hair, and it came out amazing, she deserved it). Ok okay I'll stop talking here are pictures:

Dave also wanted me to include what happens when we fall asleep on the couch... I do tend to drool I guess....
Yesterday, we tried to go to the Thatcher Tempe Open House, but because of a very large accident with fatalities on the 60 just west of Superior AZ, the freeway was closed down and there was no other way to get there on time. We might try to go again this weekend, but we'll see...