Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Fabulous Day

So, I wanted to post some pictures of my fabulous day!

We took our professional pictures the afternoon before and we should get those this next week (!!!) but here are some pictures that my family took as Dave and I came out of the temple and some from the reception.


He wanted to dip me as we came out... :)

Just a cute pic of us both

I really liked this idea :)

Then we took this one...

So, there you go. Theres sorta a taste of what the temple was like. Check out my facebook for better pics... uploading them all here takes too long. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our House!

Okay so its not actually a house, its a duplex, but its still pretty cool! And small. But that has so far only been an annoyance and somewhat of a good one because we don't buy things we don't need because we simply do not have room for them. So its a blessing in disguise.

Here's a quick video of the house BEFORE Dave moved in and then there are some before after pics... its kinda messy now...

For example, Here is the living/dinning room area before Dave moved in:

Granted its still kinda messy, but I promise, Dave made it worse....

Oh and the BEST part about our house is the stove top. I swear, its hilarious! This is how I turn the stove on, its electric, but oh is it fun.

Yes folks, those are push buttons... its bona fide. I guess they were the rage in the 70s.... Along with yellow appliances... but thats just a guess....

And of course, these pics were taken before the wedding. Now with all the presents and the new bed and us still being in transition... its REALLY messy. But, it'll get clean.