Friday, January 13, 2012

The Best Dinosaur Song Ever!!!

Okay, so recently, my very awesome, and very pregnant with twins friend, Kristin, posted on her facebook that she couldn't get a certain amazing song ("My Name is Stegosaurus") out of her head...

She had no idea that that is the ONLY song my crazy, and always extremely selective memory banks, can remember from elementary school.

Isn't he cute?

UNFORTUNATELY, I had forgotten the second part of this most amazing of songs, and was overjoyed to hear that, not only did she know all of the lyrics (and was willing to share!), but that many other wonderful people had enjoyed the exact same song in their elementary school days...

... probably about the time I looked like this... Yes, that is me rocking those amazing purple pants... Oh, how stylish I was...

So, without further adieu, and to save this somewhere for future posterities sake, here it is, The song you have all been waiting for: "My Name is Stegosaurus."

My name is Stegosaurus,
I'm a funny looking dinosaur,
and on my back are many boney plates,
and on my tail there's more.

Sometimes another dinosaur,
Comes up and wants to fight
I don't use fists; I use my tail,
It has four sharp, sharp spikes.

Isn't it the best?