Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My wonderful Husband...

So... I've been having such a bad week.
I was so okay with coming back to work from Thanksgiving and then I had such a horrible week. I keep running the stupid cart into the back of my legs and people keep putting things where they don't go, and the new girl is so lazy and she hates me and is so snobby and rude I can't stand it.
So I came home today and had a complete meltdown... my poor hubby, he puts up with me and my meltdowns and does nothing but try to make me feel better.
This one was particularly bad so after all was said and done and he was getting ready to go home teaching. He pulled me over and made me put on his suit pants to show me that I wasn't fat. And it worked. He's such a great guy.... I love him so much

I am so greatful that Heavenly Father practically shoved me into his arms. It worked like clockwork because he knew it needed to. I am so blessed. He's so wonderful.


Mitch and Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Husbands are the best! I hope things have gotten better at work since then.